How To Do Camiguin In One Day

Last week, I was able to sneak away from work to go on a 3 day trip to Cagayan De Oro & Camiguin. It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Cagayan De Oro & Camiguin are both incredibly beautiful places with lots of exciting things to do and see! The DOT (Department Of Tourism) should really help these places out with better infrastructure and marketing support.

We tried to cram as many activities as we could in Camiguin into one day so that we could spend more time & do more things in Cagayan De Oro. Taking the 4:20AM flight going to Cagayan De Oro via Cebu Pacific. Immediately after we landed, we headed to Tagbilaran Macabalan Port which was only less than 20 minutes away from the airport to catch our ferry, the Paras Sea Cat.

The Paras Sea Cat only goes to Camiguin once per day. It leaves Cagayan De Oro at 8:30AM and back at 4:00PM. Tickets are priced at Php 500.00 for regular seating, which is air-conditioned and quite comfy, while business class is priced at Php 700.00. In my opinion, the business class seats aren’t worth the difference. The regular seats are good enough for the short ride. The Paras Sea Cat runs daily except for Thursday.

It takes around 2 hours from Tagbilaran Port to Camiguin. Immediately after we arrive in Camiguin, we meet up with our driver/guide Frank (Frank Pojas 9205405582. Php 1,500.00 for 8 hours) and he took us to our bangka/boat which brought us to Mantigue Island. It only took 10-15 minutes from the port to the beach where the bangka/boat was waiting for us.

Mantigue Island is a small island with a powdery white beach front. It’s a great spot for snorkeling as the island is surrounded by corals and small fishes.

We had a quick lunch on Matigue Island before leaving. Feasting on some fresh catch of that day, we had grilled fish which kinda tasted like tuna, seaweed salad and some variety of shellfish which was unfamiliar to us.

Next up was Katibawasan Falls. I’ve always been a fan of waterfalls and it was amazing to see one this high. The total height of the waterfall is supposedly around 260 feet!

After the falls, we made our way to what we considered the highlight of our Camiguin trip, which was White Island or Medan Island. It’s not really an island but rather a sandbar.

From what we were told, the ‘island’ is only visible when the tide is low. We were really lucky to have a chance to visit this sandbar. The sand was so white, soft and powdery. We just wanted to sit back and just stay there forever.

After lazing a bit in White Island, we forced ourselves to get moving so that we could catch the sunset by the Sunken Cemetery. The Sunken Cemetery is  probably one of the most photographed places in Camiguin. It really used to be a cemetery and part of the island, but the land surrounding the cemetery collapsed after a volcanic eruption.

We finished topped off the trip with a visit to Ardent Hot Springs, where they have 6 hot spring pools with varying temperatures. The coldest pool’s temperature is at around 29-degrees celsius while the hottest is at 39-degrees. It was a great way to end the day and soak our tired bodies.

Our final destination for the day was the Paras Beach Resort. I think the owners of the resort is same as the ones who own the Sea Cat. I vaguely recall our guide saying that the family of some Congressman or Governor are the owners. Definitely a decent place to stay at with great service. And a plus is that it’s only about 10 minutes away from White Island, so if there’s extra time to kill, you could still head back out the next day.

Check out what we did the next day – 1st day in Cagayan De Oro Part 1
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11 Responses to How To Do Camiguin In One Day

  1. Darlene Martin says:

    Hi Jason!

    May I ask for the contact numbers of Kuya Frank and your boatman? How much did it cost you for boat rental?

    Thanks so much.


    • jasonqua says:

      Hi Darlene,

      Sorry for the super late reply but here is Kuya Frank’s number – Frank Pojas 9205405582. The boatman was booked with the help of Kuya Frank and if I recall correctly, the boat rental to Mantique Island cost us about Php 680-700 for 4 pax.

      Hope this helps!

      • Darlene Martin says:

        Thank you so much for your reply, Jason. Also, may I ask how much ang rent kay Kuya Frank? So I know what price to expect. 😀 And you mentioned your final destination was Paras Beach Resort, I was just wondering what time talaga natapos yung whole day trip mo kasi the Paras Sea Cat ferry sched from Camiguin back to CDO is at 4pm lang. Kaya talaga before 4pm matapos? 😀

      • jasonqua says:

        If I recall correctly, we paid around Php 1,500 to Kuya Frank, including na yung ride to the port the next day.

        Yes, Paras Beach Resort nga yung last destination, but we stayed overnight at the resort and caught the 1st ro-ro ferry (around 5AM) back to CDO/Balingoan port. I was supposed to include that in the CDO posts but I just haven’t gotten around to writing the posts haha. Medyo malabo na matapos ng 4pm, you really need at least a full day.

      • Darlene Martin says:

        Hi Jason,

        Oh so mayroon palang around 5am 1st ro-ro ferry back to CDO/Balingoan Port, I am guessing hindi yun sa Paras Sea Cat since they only have one sched a day pabalik to CDO and that is 4am lang? May I ask anong ferry? Or madami doon?

        Thanks again.

        Really appreciate your help. 🙂


        “The Paras Sea Cat only goes to Camiguin once per day. It leaves Cagayan De Oro at 8:30AM and back at 4:00PM.”

      • Darlene Martin says:

        Sorry I meant “…I am guessing hindi yun sa Paras Sea Cat since they only have one sched a day pabalik to CDO and that is 4PM lang? May I ask anong ferry? Or madami doon kahit anong ferry?

  2. Abs says:


    I can’t help but comment to your post. I am from CDO and we don’t have a port called Tagbilaran. Tagbilaran port is in Bohol and not in CDO. Maybe you are referring to the Cagayan De Port located in Macabalan. FYI lang

  3. Darlene Martin says:

    Okay na pala, already talked to Kuya Frank. Hehe. Thanks so much, Jason!

    Happy travels. 🙂

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