“Meri Kurisumasu”

Just like that, the holidays have come and gone. Time to catch up for the things that happened during the past holidays. Kicking off with the Christmas meals.

The past few years I’ve been experiencing a decline in what we term as “Christmas Spirit”. This year’s “Spirit” level was probably the lowest ever. Even with all the festivities, parties, decorations and songs playing in the radios and malls, I didn’t feel that it was the holiday season. The only thing that really stuck with me throughout the holiday season was the horrible traffic everywhere.
But.. I’m not a total Scrooge (yet!).  There are still things I enjoy about the holidays and one of those things are family reunions.

Drove up to Tagaytay for lunch. I was trying out different shots and couldn’t decide which one to post so I’m gonna post all three and let me know which one you like best (The 1st one is up top).

My cousin brought the mighty beast of food, lechon (roasted pig).

Some staples – grilled squid & fried lumpia rolls.

My uncle’s most excellent oyster cake. It’s a slight variation from what my Dad does. I think it might be a family recipe of sorts.

Some ube (yam) for dessert (I love ube!). And of course, another holiday dessert staple of mine – pastillas!

Drove back to down to Manila around 5pM and we got to my grandmother’s house late so I wasn’t able to take any food photos.

So I just kept on taking pictures of the lights and decorations.

And some more.

This was a happy day. Hoping for more happy days in 2011.

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